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"Empowering Dreams"

Updated: Apr 13

Sky at graduation

Sky's impact story is a powerful testament to the transformative power of education and mentorship—a narrative that perfectly aligns with the mission of the Creative Life Foundation (CLF) to connect vulnerable and marginalized children in urban and rural Thailand to critical resources that create a path to freedom and prevents human trafficking.

In 2017, Sky, an optimistic eighth-grader, faced the harsh reality of limited educational opportunities due to financial constraints. Her rice farmer parents, struggling to make ends meet, couldn't afford to send her to school. The looming possibilities for Sky included working in the rice fields or being married off, with her educational dreams at risk of remaining unfulfilled.

Enter Yadfon, the Nothern Thailand Scholarship Program manager at CLF, who became Sky's mentor. The CLF scholarship became the catalyst for change in Sky's life. It went beyond providing financial aid; it offered tailored support, covering school supplies, term fees, and invaluable mentorship. This comprehensive support system not only enabled Sky to pursue her academic aspirations but also bridged the communication gap with her parents, who, initially, might not have seen the value of investing in her education.

The impact of the CLF scholarship on Sky's life extended far beyond the classroom. It instilled in her a sense of responsibility, gratitude, and pride. The scholarship didn't just open doors for education; it transformed Sky's entire outlook, teaching her life skills and the importance of giving back to her community. Passion became her driving force, and she now aspires to be a role model for others in her community.

Sky's journey with CLF didn't shield her from challenges. In the face of skepticism from a doubting teacher, she turned uncertainty into motivation. With the support of mentors, friends, and teachers, she remained resolute in pursuing her dream of a nursing career.

Now, as Sky embarks on the first year of the nursing profession program, she does so with gratitude for the CLF scholarship that paved the way for her educational journey. Her aspirations extend beyond graduation; she envisions a future of continuous learning and exploration, refusing to be confined to a single career path.

Sky's story is a living testament to the profound impact that the CLF scholarship can have on the lives of vulnerable and marginalized children. It showcases how education and mentorship can transform distant dreams into tangible reality, empowering individuals like Sky to break free from the cycle of poverty and become active contributors to their communities. Sky is not just a beneficiary of financial aid; she embodies the transformative power of education and mentorship, aligning perfectly with CLF's mission to create a path to freedom and prevent human trafficking in Thailand.

Dorji Kyi 

Fundraising and Donor Management Intern

Brandeis University | Heller School of Social Policy and Management

Creative Life Foundation

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