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Access to Education
Bangkok Scholarship Program for Migrant and Thai Children

In theory, Thailand offers free education through 12th grade. For families living in poverty, however, the costs of transportation with the mandatory fees for uniforms, meals, and extracurricular activities, prevent children from either going to school or dropping out after the 9th grade (compulsory education in Thailand) when they can apply for low paying jobs. Children who do not receive a high school diploma grow up having little opportunity for success and are left being more vulnerable to exploitation. Migrant families who live in Thailand face additional barriers, leaving children even more at risk of exploitation.

Currently, Creative Life Foundation is committed to providing educational scholarships, mentorship, and resources for 25 students in Bangkok.

How is this making a difference?

Northern Thailand Scholarship Program for Hill Tribe Children

Among the hill tribes, early marriage and early pregnancy are seen as economically beneficial since the children can help with farm work.​[1] ​Girls who are better educated are less likely to be married off as children and are more likely to have opportunities to build a healthier and more prosperous life for themselves and their families.​[2]

How is this making a difference?

[1] Thailand MICS, Monitoring the situation of children and women 2015-2016

[2] What works in girls' education. Evidence for the world's best investment. Gene B. Sperling and Rebecca Winthrop

To educate girls is to reduce poverty
—Kofi Annan
Women's Literacy Program

The challenges of illiteracy are compounded for Hill Tribe women, most of whom speak only their local language, Pakangong. Limited Thai language ability for most indigenous women means the inability to maneuver through the process of applying for and obtaining Thai citizenship.​[3]

Literacy, as part of education, is a fundamental human right​ and a primary driver for gender equality.​ Yet according to UNESCO, there are 781 million illiterate people over the age of 15, and over 63% of them are women.

"Every literate woman marks a victory over poverty" -General Ban Ki-moon, former United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

In 2021, Creative Life Foundation will begin providing women with an educational program focused on Thai literacy.

How will this make a difference?

Thai literacy will significantly expand women's opportunities for economic security and advancement. It will build their confidence, status, and access to information. Thai literacy will also help women better prepare their children for school, engage with their teachers, and supplement their education with at-home support.

[3] NGO CEDAW Shadow Report 2017. Indigenous women's access to social services, article 9: Nationality

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