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At Creative Life Foundation, we work with global partners and local leaders to bring shared vision, passion, and values into the communities and cultures we work.

We connect people to critical resources that create a path to freedom and prevents human trafficking.

By providing access to education, a path to citizenship, and holistic care, breaking cycles of poverty and exploitation is not only possible—it's happening. 


Access to education

Whether it's a parent who can't afford to send their child to school, a girl with a dream of going to university, or a mother who never learned how to read and write—we make access to education possible.


A path to citizenship

In Thailand, a small piece of plastic can change someones' life. For many Hill Tribe families, Thailand is the country of birth. Thai citizenship is their legal right. However, obstacles are preventing them from getting the required documents to prove their citizenship.


Holistic care

Education and citizenship are foundational to creating paths to freedom and preventing human trafficking. But, in our experience, just meeting the physical need is never enough. Creating safe space, mentorship, and sometimes just being fully present with someone who is struggling, is the missing element that equips people along their journey.

Our Impact

“Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity, it is an act of justice”

Nelson Mandela

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