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An unforgettable weekend in Bangkok

I arrived in Bangkok early Friday morning, which happened to fall on the anniversary of when our family first moved to Thailand—June 7th, 2008—a month before my daughter Arielle was born!

It's hard to believe that 16 years ago, we arrived in Thailand with a one-year-old, an oversized stroller too big for Bangkok's busy sidewalks, a baby on the way, and a hope to change the world—to be fair, Amy and I were naive 26-year-olds!

Over the weekend, I had the incredible honor of attending the high school graduation of one of our organization's founding students, John. As many of you know, It was a huge deal and accomplishment!

When I first met John at just seven years old, he was on track to follow in his older sibling's footsteps. Instead of going to school like other kids his age, he would have had to start begging for money and selling flowers in Bangkok's notorious red-light districts to survive, putting him at risk of ongoing poverty and exploitation.

Instead, John joined the Creative Life Foundation's (CLF) education program. 6 years later, CLF assisted him in enrolling at an elite international school where he received a scholarship and extensive tutoring and after-school support. John became the first in his family to attend school—EVER.

Sure, Amy and I were naive to think we could change the world— however, we have certainly changed the world for John!

During graduation, John gave an emotional speech. With confidence, he proudly stood on the stage before us, describing how his time at international school helped shape who he is today and expressed thanks to his teachers, classmates, and supporters.

We are incredibly proud of him and thankful to everyone who has helped invest in his future through the support of the Creative Life Foundation. This Summer, John will begin his 4-year journey at university.

Enjoy a few photos from graduation day, and consider (if you are not already) creating lasting freedom for children and youth in Bangkok and rural Thailand by becoming a monthly donor.

Together, we will change the world, one person at a time!

Tim Hupe

Co-founder and Director

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