Mina’s Whole Foods

Mina’s Whole Foods started in 2013 with co-founder and manager Mina Thapa selling homemade Thai basil pesto and peanut butter to friends. After entering the local Bangkok farmer’s market circuit, sales exploded. Mina’s Whole Foods now sells at several markets a month and has expanded its line of foods to include cauliflower salad, carrot ginger miso, hummus and Nepali sauce.

This business allowed Mina to create opportunity and provide for her family. She came from Nepal to Bangkok in 2008 seeking better education and opportunities for her three daughters. Her gifts of cooking and hospitality became evident while living with Tim and Amy. Drawing from various backgrounds and local ingredients, Mina produces vegetarian food from the heart. Mina’s Whole Foods is relational; each of the recipes was shared the old-fashioned way over meals with friends. You can still find Mina at farmer’s markets on weekends, but her business is also expanding into health food stores in Bangkok.

Mina wants to use her business to help women to find freedom for themselves. The mission of Mina’s Whole Foods is to prepare wholesome quality food for customers and provide employment and training to women. You can connect with Mina’s Whole Foods on Facebook.