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Why Education?

Since 2013, a large focus of Creative Life Foundation's response to trafficking has been on prevention. It's not our only response, but it has been a growing focus of ours. Education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the world - Nelson Mandela Almost all of the children enrolled in our scholarship program have parents who didn't go to school. Because of this, options are limited and the resources to send their kids to school are nearly impossible. The scholarships, mentorship, and resources we provide our students are having a profound impact, not just on our students, but on their families and community as well.

Many of our students are saying they want to finish school so they can "give back to their community", some are saying "I want to become a teacher and help other kids have the same opportunities to learn as I have". We think that's worth getting behind... so WE DO.

Education is one of the greatest catalysts for change. Seeing this change unfold motivates us to continue our mission.

Much of our program's success is thanks to the generosity of our supporters! Honestly, our work wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for our financial partners. The family in the photo above represents one of the many we get behind. We want our scholarship program to help more families in 2020. This is only possible if we increase our monthly partners and hit our $50,000 goal by 2020. We have raised a little over $10,000 so far. We have 2 more weeks to reach our goal. Will you consider joining us either one-time or monthly? OR would you consider sharing this post with a friend along with a personal recommendation? With your help, we can reach $50K by December 31st.

Go to our website to help bring more freedom into 2020.

Thanks for considering,

Tim Hupe

Director and Co-Founder

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