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On A Home Visit

Text taken from my social post while in Bangkok.

I had the opportunity to travel with Mina on a home visit today. Mina, manages our refugee support program in Bangkok. It’s amazing that in just a short amount of time she has built such a strong connection with so many families throughout the city.

Mina knows how to navigate Bangkok on a budget like a pro. After taking the sky train, taxi, and bus we made it to the neighborhood where there are refugees from Somalia living.

We were greeted with a warm smile by a single mother in her 50’s. Mina hands her a bag full of fresh fruit. She then led us down a hallway to her room, outside a folded up wheelchair. The room was small, just enough space for 2 small beds. The mother’s daughter sitting on one, also greeted us with a smile.

I sat in the only chair in the room, watching, and listening as Mina conversed with the family. The mother and daughter were shaken up because the police had come the day before, arresting and detaining at least 10 families who lived in the same apartment -also refugees. The only reason they were not arrested was because the daughter is paralyzed from the waist down but still they are afraid for tomorrow, uncertain if the police will return.

On the way home, Mina tells me more about the family we had just visited. Their story is sad and they hope to be able to return home. Mina communicates with the family regularly and brings fruit, food, and a small amount of money every month to help with their rent.

Not that I need reminding of just how important our work is at Creative Life Foundation but since moving back to the US, I’ve felt a bit disconnected, no longer having my feet on the ground. It's obvious that I miss it. But I’m grateful to be more in a supportive role and especially grateful for Mina’s leadership, heart, and passion.

Tim Hupe

Co-founder and Director

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