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Are Providing Scholarships Enough?

In 2016, after 1/2 of the children dropped out of school within the first year of joining our program in the north, we knew that creating access to education for children and youth would take more than providing scholarships.

We learned that a one size fits all model doesn't work for us because among our diverse students are a unique set of obstacles and hardships which threaten their right to an education and their freedom. Creative Life Foundation's holistic and individualized approach has proven critical to their success. Since 2016, the graduation rates among our students in the north have increased to over 85%. [Read our Theory of Change to learn more]

While holistic care supports our programming, we continue to look at other ways to reinforce the importance of education throughout the villages we serve.

Among these villages, families live in geographic isolation with few available government or social services in reach. Economic opportunities are limited, and sustenance farming is how most make a living. These opportunity deficits are often compounded by statelessness, poverty, and the pressure of child marriage. Here, many girls are encouraged to abandon their education, marry, and become mothers while still children themselves.

While advocacy continues to be a key element of our work, we want to help make access to education available beyond children and youth. Earlier this year, we launched a pilot program to teach basic Thai literacy to women from the villages where we serve. Among the women are grandmothers, mothers, and youth who have all had to abandon their education to help at home or get married.

Standing tall with smiles on their faces, we watched as 24 women proudly held their Level-1 certificate of completion. 13 of whom learned how to read and write, including writing their name for the very first time! —how cool is that!

Breaking cycles of poverty and exploitation demands considerable energy, creativity, and risk. By boldly following this pathway of change, we envision a Thailand where all children, youth, and adults are free to live full lives, pursue their dreams, and live without the threat of exploitation.

—excerpt taken from CLF's Theory of Change

Thank you for helping us empower change by providing access to education. It's these critical resources that we are creating a pathway toward freedom—one child, mother, and family at a time.

As you can imagine, donors come and go over the years. We need new partners, people who can commit to giving monthly. $25 a month goes a long way in Thailand and helps sustain our critical work; please consider becoming a monthly partner today by clicking on the link below.

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