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Anne and Plar—Building a Dream Together

Updated: Apr 13


Plar met Anne when she was 12 years old, when she had just moved in with her aunt because her parents divorced. She was working to support herself and did not have the resources to attend school. School just wasn’t an option. Her father completed grade 4, then had to work to support himself and his family. Her mother was able to complete grade nine before having to quit. She did eventually complete a GED. 

Anne did not have strong role models or the necessary resources to prioritize completing her education until she met Plar, a former Social Worker, current Pastor, and mentor for students supported by CLF. 


Anne’s aunt put her in touch with Plar and asked her to help Anne. CLF stepped in to give Anne a scholarship for her schooling.


Anne started her journey with CLF when she began grade 7. With scholarship help every year, Anne graduated from high school. Now she is in her first year of university, continuing to be mentored by Plar and supported by CLF. 

According to Anne, Plar was pivotal in making sure Anne continued on her educational path. In Anne’s own words, “My mentor always encourages me, helps guide me in my studies, and is by my side whenever I encounter problems.” 

Anne adds, 

“P'Plar is like a mother to me, she always helps, gives advice, and encourages me in every moment of my life … Always giving advice on how to live my life better than before. 

Before receiving the scholarship, my life was a struggle. I didn't have money to buy textbooks. Some days there wasn't even food to eat. 

After receiving the funds I feel that my life has changed a lot. It's the fact that I have P'Pla to advise me in planning my life. I have scholarships to study in good schools. There is food to eat. No need to struggle to earn a living day to day.” 

Plar describes Anne as a hard worker, a natural leader, and a compassionate person, helping her friends and younger siblings. She is the go to person when you need to get something done, according to Plar. Anne is a good student and a willing volunteer. 

Anne is able to be that person Plar describes because with her scholarship from CLF, she doesn’t have to worry about supporting herself, she can focus entirely on her school work.  

We don't know for sure if we prevented Anne from being trafficked or exploited in other ways, but we do know now, because of CLF she will be able to graduate from university and get a good job that supports herself and her family. And isn’t that the dream we all have? 

Carol Rogers, PhD

CLF Board Chair

Professor Emeritus Early Child Development

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