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Welcome to 2019 and welcome to OUR blog, the new blog series for 2019, where this will be the space for the story of US our community to share with you our readers and partners.

At Creative Life Foundation, we are a community of friends committed to breaking cycles of poverty and exploitation! Our community does this in so many beautiful and creative ways weaving a truly holistic response to the impact poverty and migration have on people.

We are a truly diverse community in every way! We are all ages, 6 different nationalities and growing! This diversity of persons drives a beautiful and transformative diversity of vision and thought. We come from cities and villages. We speak at least 2 languages, but one of our members is pushing 5 and 3 is about normal! Some of us have traveled the world some of us have never been on an airplane (but we hope to change that)!

Creativity fuels us! The desire for safe spaces, an oasis from exploitation inspires us! Our team of local visionaries leads us! Our faiths sustain us!

We invite you to look forward to reading our next blog post about the amazing Mint! Mint's joy is overflowing, singing is stunning, art skills are astounding, and heart for helping women so profound. Mint will be writing about overcoming obstacles and opening to new opportunities and how she sees this in her work with CLF!

Our community mentors

Our students

Our office

Our small business

Our pioneer

Our pinch hitter and therapist

As the pinch-hitter and therapist, I get the rare vantage point of seeing the depth and the breadt of what CLF is! I'm so privileged this year to curate this opportunity for a deeper connection to the wonderful people who are Creative Life Foundation!

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