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Create beauty and hope for generations with us this December!

Did you know? You can help create beauty and hope in real peoples' lives both now and for generations to come* by being one of 54 people who help us get fully funded by year end.

Good News! We have raised 85% of our budget! We only have 15% to go before December 31st.

We did the math and it will only take 54 people to make this possible. (See the graphic for a break down of where you might fit in.)

In the 10 years of doing this work, I've become certain the powerful combination of creating safe environments and connecting people to resources, together, breaks the cycle of poverty. We’ve seen how these two support systems empower the people who join our programs to gain the confidence and the skills they need to rise to and surpass their challenges.

It's believed that one must consider the ripple effect of their actions seven generations forward.* I believe whole heartedly that through the intentionally focussed and deep work of Creative Life Foundation, we are creating beauty and hope for the generations to come. You can help us create that long-lasting beauty and hope by giving this December.

Create beauty and hope for generations with us this December!

Will you consider being one of the 54 people who help us raise $17,000 before the end of the year?

If you want to help us move to fully funded, you can give here now


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