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Go deep with us #givingtuesday

#GivingTuesday is an opportunity to give to organizations you believe in! If you are seeing this blog post, you know that we desire to make lasting change. We believe that investing in relationship is transformative, and that love will catalyze the natural and organic process of healing and growth for our friends living on the margins of society. Go deep with us #GivingTuesday November 28 #giv2clf

Going Deep-

Four years ago she was the quintessential at-risk poster child, a 9 year old girl who had never set foot in a classroom living in poverty. Today she is the poster child for what is possible! She is smart, motivated and progressing towards graduation. She attends an elite dance studio in Bangkok and has won over her teacher as one of her biggest fans and advocates. This teacher is pushing and championing her with vision for further development and a bright future in ballet. When you partner with Creative Life Foundation you are partnering with a model that invests deeply in young lives and that utilizes local resources to bring about long-lasting change.

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