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2 Big reasons we need your help advocating today

IT'S GIVING TUESDAY! I know, I know. Your inboxes are filling up and social media is exploding with asks because today on the biggest giving day of the year organizations around the globe (like ours) rely on your generosity.

Thank you for understanding and sustaining our mission!

Here are 2 BIG reasons to give to Creative Life Foundation!

#1 A path to citizenship

Lack of citizenship is the major risk factor for hill tribe women and girls in Thailand for being trafficked and otherwise exploited.[1] Not having citizenship prevents access to medical care, freedom of movement outside their district, rights to fair wages, education, and protection of the law.

In 2021, CLF will begin assisting eligible families with the application process and advocate on their behalf to receive citizenship. Click on the image to learn how your gift will make a difference.

#2 Adult Literacy Program

The challenges of illiteracy are compounded for hill tribe women, most of whom speak only their local language, Pakangong. Limited Thai language ability for most indigenous women means the inability to maneuver through the process of applying for and obtaining Thai citizenship.[2)

Literacy, as part of education, is a fundamental human right and a primary driver for gender equality. Yet according to UNESCO, there are 781 million illiterate people over the age of 15, and over 65% of them are women.

In 2021, CLF will begin providing women with an educational program focused on Thai literacy. Click on the image to learn how your gift will make a difference.

Will you give any time between now and the end of the day tomorrow to help us launch 2 new projects in 2021?

[1] International Justice Mission, Fact Sheet [2] NGO CEDAW Shadow Report 2017. Indigenous women's access to social service, article 9: Nationality

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