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What doors opened for you because of the education you received? The education I received opened doors for me to do what I'm doing and love today, managing an organization dedicated to connecting people to resources in order to break cycles of poverty, exploitation, and risk. 

We need your help. It's free. It makes a difference. It creates freedom!Please join us in not just giving monthly but becoming a CLF advocate! Your voice will connect CLF to a new partner (or more). New partners will allow Creative Life Foundation to not only continue our work which invests in local leaders and creates positive change, but it will allow us to increase our impact too!



Peter and Mary tell me they have seen a dramatic increase in the girls’ confidence since they’ve started school. The girls are proud of their hard work, get to play with other kids, and are laying the base for their futures. I asked Peter why it was important to him for his girls to go to school. He simply stated, “Well, all children have the right to go to school, don’t they?” He went on to explain that their difficult circumstances were not the fault of the children. No one chooses where they are born. Children deserve to have a childhood and an opportunity for a future. He told me, “It is not just my family, but there are many refugee families that are in this same situation. They deserve to have a life. They deserve to go to school, but just because of the circumstances [they are not able to]. It has been difficult.”



It’s GRADUATION time in Thailand! This is always an exciting time of year for us and our students. It’s another grade higher and also the start of summer vacation- which means a well deserved break for the kids!  Many of our students who were in elementary school will begin middle school next month, a few kids will begin high school and we have 2 students who will start University! We also have 1 student graduating from University! A couple of us will attend her graduation, we will definitely share photos with you in our next update or sooner if you follow us on social media (Be sure to Like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram)

Naam Fon with a few of our new students.


We have an opportunity to to increase our Scholarship Program’s impact to 100 students annually! Why is this a goal of ours?
I moved to Thailand because I wanted to be part of the solution for people (for me it was children) who were at risk or currently being exploited in the Human Trafficking industry. Over the last 11 years living in Thailand, I continue learning the complexities and layered-issues of combating this multi-billion dollar industry that preys on vulnerable people. Though there is no quick and easy solution for people affected by Human Trafficking; prevention is possible and reducing the risk by connecting people to resources (like scholarships)is effective!
Prevention looks at the root causes of Human Trafficking and aims to reduce or eliminate the causes wherever possible.

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Thank you for taking action and joining our efforts in breaking cycles of poverty and exploitation in Thailand! We appreciate you helping us do what we love!

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