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Written by Tim Hupe

I was sitting in a room filled with other parents, all waiting for their child’s big moment. Then the time we had all been waiting for arrived when the principal began announcing the graduating class of 2018. Barely sitting on the edge of my seat, we all jumped to our feet when Druhi’s name was called. As we clapped and cheered, tears filled my eyes as she proudly shook her principals hand and received her diploma- what a moment, the culmination of so much hard work came to an end and yet a beginning!

I first met Druhi as a brave 10 year-old girl, fresh off a plane from Nepal. Her determination and strength was evident from the very beginning. Finding a good school for her to thrive was important for all of us.

Creative Life Foundation helped Druhi’s parents get their families documents in order before Amy (CLF Co-Founder) made an appointment with the principle at an International school. It was a long shot but I remember Amy coming home that day with good news for not only Druhi but also her sister who was 2 years younger.

She studied very hard over the years, taking advantage of the additional resources CLF was offering. We provided Druhi with mentors and tutors; after all English isn’t her fist language. When she was older, we even connected her to a couple of part-time jobs, where she continues to work. Druhi told me that “the staff at CLF have become part of my extended family, I have had many great opportunities to learn from them” 

Druhi’s determination to succeed led her to not only graduating high school but was also accepted to University! She will be the first in her family to attend! This is what we continue to see over and over again, challenges not only met, but surpassed! 

*Not her real name. In Nepali, Druhi means daughter.  

We believe that parents, like Druhi’s mom and dad, want what’s best and brightest for their children but need resources —  don’t we all?!

Helping our students not only graduate high school but also attend university is a big deal! In Thailand even a career as a barista at Starbucks requires a college diploma. Currently 5 of our students are now attending university. We are committed to our scholarship program’s success and want to build the capacity  where one day all of our students have the opportunity to attend college or university because we know this achievement brings the longterm solutions we strive for.

Consider giving a recurring donation today as we offer long term solutions to breaking generational cycles of poverty and exploitation. The opportunity to accompany someone that will change their life is an amazing feeling, join us and be part of the story.

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