School with a side of fries

For the past six years, we have been meeting with children and youth who work at night on the streets of Bangkok. Their lives consist of sleeping during the day, commuting to the red-light districts at night and working there until morning. They have been selling flowers, selling gum and shining shoes for most of their childhoods. Proximity to the red light district makes them vulnerable to further exploitation.

These kids, now teenagers, are eager to learn and connect, especially in new languages. To address their educational and relational needs while respecting their time, we meet at nearby fast food restaurants (yes, with French fries) and teach Thai writing and English while establishing and deepening relationships. We consistently visit our friends on the streets to offer encouragement, prayer and service. As friendships grow, we visit them at home and meet their families (sometimes getting invited to weddings and birthday celebrations), hoping to build bridges into and out of these at-risk communities.

If you are in the Bangkok area and interested in becoming a long-term volunteer with this program, please email us.