Phalang Jai


Phalang Jai, in Thai (พลังใจ), means strong heart. Team leader Naamfon felt called to cultivate a uniquely Thai response to issues of exploitation and marginalization in Thailand. Since 2012, she has invited Thai, Karen and American people to learn about social justice and immerse themselvesin the challenging and unfamiliar circumstances of the poor. Naamfon leads these diverse teams on twice-yearly trips to remote villages along the Thai-Burma border to buildrelationships and respond to spiritual, educational and medical needs. Phalang Jai seeks to create open hearted awareness and, through that, asks people to see and respond to the reality of suffering and to discover the power of action.

In October 2016, PhalangJai launched a scholarship for Tiiboakee School students. Currently, 12 students are receiving funds and receiving additional educational support.

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