Creative Life Foundation utilizes education as a tool for transformation. In partnership with generous donors, we offer various educational scholarships to our community. We offer funding for students enrolled in local Thai schools and host a Saturday English Club. Our education center provides a safe space for students who don’t otherwise have access to formal learning. Each child is encouraged to find their unique talents at school, as well as through extracurricular activities such as ballet, soccer and jujitsu. Depending on the level of need, youth are offered intensive mentoring, tutoring and, when needed, counseling services to address their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Our scholarship students come from various backgrounds and have different levels of familial support, but each is in need of funding to continue their education and reach their full potential. Our biggest success has been watching entire families transform through the education and financial support their children receive.

If you are interested in sponsoring a student and helping them learn and grow, please send us an email.