A holistic response to issues of exploitation and poverty in Bangkok


  • “Amy and Tim Hupe are clearly among our world's great luminaries... Their work with the Creative Life Foundation has provided the answer to countless prayers that for years went unanswered. It's folks like the Hupes, unsung heros of hope and persons of peace, that most urgently need our prayers, solidarity, and support."
    Christopher HeuertzAuthor and Founding Partner of Gravity a Center for Contemplative Activism
  • “Amy creates a safe sanctuary by her presence and attention to helping others discover their own inner resources, creativity and resilience in the midst of very challenging life experiences.”
    Carrie HerbertDirector of Arts Therapy Services, Ragamuffin International, Cambodia/UK
  • "I love the commitment of Creative Life Foundation to provide a sacred, safe space for Bangkok’s broken and vulnerable children. Every time I enter their unconventional center, I see children with eyes lit up by learning, laughter and life. I see sacrificial staff serving with humility, authenticity and transparency."
    Kimberly QuinleyDirector, Families at Risk Programs